Year 2012 Our China Stem Cell Trip Experience
Dear Family, Friends and Patients,

We made it! The flight went well.We have met some amazing people thus far.Monday Brian will be going through some diagnostic testing. Brian will start Stem Cell Injections on Wednesday.We wish you all well. We will start blogging tomorrow. Remember we are fifteen hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.

Love, Brian & Sandy

Dear Bonnie,

If you could please put the blog link on the office website.
We are having connection difficulties here in the hospital…..
Thank You So Much. Love, B & S

Dear Family, Friends, and Patients,

Our deepest apologies for our inability to keep all of you updated regarding, Brian/Dr. Larsen’s’ treatment protocol, and outcome. The entire “Patient Treatment Community” here within the hospital, are having a heck of a time sending emails on an outgoing basis, we are receiving your wonderful, and thoughtful messages of prayer, and fasting. They have really been an enormous blessing to Brian/Dr. Larsen, as well as to me. The internet is, “Hit or Miss” here at the hospital. We are trying a different way to send updates, please pray that this will reach you all in a timely manner. 🙂

Our Accommodations and Surroundings:

We want to give you all a visual picture of our accommodations and surroundings, so when we make references to our stay here in the hospital, you can share the experience with us. First, the hospital is located within, what is referred to as, The Provincial University Center, for the Study of Ancient Chinese Medicine, located approximately Forty miles, from the airport, and due to the climate of this region, it is very warm, and humid. Our transport driver for the facilities says he has lived in Guangzhou all of his life and has never seen the green leaves on the trees turn yellow and fall to the ground. So they don’t experience autumn in the Southern region of China, particularly in Guangzhou Province.

Upon entering the gates to the hospital there are two bronze sculpting’s, we have been told that, each sculpture sits within approximately a foot of water and, that they each extend around the building twenty yards, on either side. The sculpting on the right is said to be depicting an old wise man, sitting on a rocky surface, with one hand to his brow, and the other stretched out to a fully garbed Samurai warrior. The warrior is in turn bowing his head to the wise old man, showing reverence. At the center sits the sacred Chinese Scrawls, which tells us that these two men are of high standing within their culture, and one must show reverence to both men, for their ability to ward off evil, or ability to heal the sick and afflicted. It is said that they are having a philosophical discussion regarding Eastern medicine, and herbs, and their divine properties to heal. Where the man upon the left sits within a boat, that sits upon the Pearl River, where the man ponders and prays about his place in this world, and desires that he may have the opportunity to use his talents to heal, all those that desire to be made whole.

The stem cell treatment department has an entire floor upon which to treat its patients, and is located on the tenth floor of the hospital. The department is comprised of three patient coordinators; Maisie, Peter, and Rita, who are responsible for greeting patients at the airport, coordinating patient/caregiver rides to and from the airport, translation between medical staff and patient, exchanging currency, ordering meals from its two contracted restaurants, two trips a week to the grocery store on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and meeting any, and all of their patient’s basic needs.

The hospital also maintains a staff of at least three nurses on shift twenty-four hours a day. Next, they have an attending physician, a specialist for each patient’s individual condition, an entire acupuncture department, who provide each patient with their daily treatment protocol, and if patients’ condition involved the eyes, patient receives heated eye therapy.

The acupuncture and eye therapy are provided each and every day, except Sundays and holidays. The floor is swept, and the trash never sits for more than Ninety minutes at a time. Lol…

Meals are not provided in Chinese hospitals but there are plenty of delivery and dine-out options, both Western and Chinese; also, there is a common area within the hospital and we tend to cook about half of our meals with the other patients.We are driven to the market for groceries and incidentals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We just paid US$6.25 for our dinner this evening in a cafeteria-style restaurant, and we have been informed that usually a nice sit-down waiter-service meal for two is about US$10-12.

Brian/Dr. Larsen’s Treatment Protocol is as follows; starting on Saturday, August the Fourth:

We arrived at the hospital facility from the airport at 6:45 p.m. and were able to meet with his Dr. immediately, and he scheduled the following treatment protocol to begin first thing on Monday: He must consume 8oz. of Chinese herbs which is delivered in a Thermos daily for Ten days, he says it is not the most tasty of drinks, but if it helps repair his eyes, what a blessing that will be! Then, he receives daily (I.V.) Injections of a drug called Monosialotetrahexosylganglioside, which is said to assist in the creation, and aid in supplying nutrients to damaged tissue, and bind the stem-Cells to the affected area, which in Brian/Dr. Larsen’s case involves the, (Optic Nerve). Next he receives Thirty minutes of Acupuncture daily, concentrating of his eyes, and of course in the feet, (Which; in the Chinese Culture is said to affect every vital Organ, Tissue, and opens the target site for healing).Last but not least, he receives daily heat masks filled with Chinese herbs, which is said to open up the affected site, to allow blood flow to the damaged area of the eye, all of these modalities prepare the eyes to accept the, (Stem-Cells injection’s), and to begin to repair the affective area.

Monday the Sixth of August:

Before the Stem Cells can be administered, the following tests need to be run. The testing schedule will be comprised of the following, DR X-Ray @ 9:00 a.m., CT-Scan of the spine 11:45 a.m., and finally a new Fundus Exam, which measures the integrity of the optic nerve, and its surrounding muscles.

The first of six, Stem Cell Injections will begin this Wednesday, the Eighth of August/Via (I.V.):

The first round of Stem Cell treatments will take place at 9:45 a.m. and will first be administered via (I.V.), of which there is no special protocol

Following the (I.V.) Stem Cell treatment. We are Very Happy to Report that Brian/Dr. Larsen received his first (I.V.) treatment without incident.

The Second round of Injections, Friday the Tenth of August:

Brian/Dr. Larsen will receive a Lumbar puncture with an injection of stem cells at theSite, and the left eye will receive what is called a Retro bulbar Injection, directly into the pathway of the damaged site, of the optic nerve.

He was very exhausted, after these two procedures, so I read to him, from our kindle, until he was able to sleep. He woke with a small headache, but overall he tolerated the treatments very well.

The Third Round of Injections, Monday the Thirteenth of August:

Today Brian/Dr. Larsen will receive another (I.V.) Stem Cell Injection, and another Retro bulbar injection given at the Site of the Optic Nerve.

The Fourth Round of Injections, Wednesday the Fifteenth of August:

Today will be the last Stem Cell treatment for Brian/Dr. Larsen. He will receive another Lumbar puncture, which will complete his rounds of treatment. He is required to lay flat on his back for six hours, due to the possible side-effects; Severe headache, Nashua, vomiting, and light headedness. Thank Goodness he hasn’t experienced any, (severe side-effects). He has experienced, occasional intermittent headaches, from time-to-time only after the Lumbar puncture but, “It Is Normal” We have been told.Please ask Dr. Larsen to elaborate on this Very popular phrase when he returns to The Chiropractic Practice. Lol…

We wish you all well, and that you all are having a wonderful week/weekend.

*Remember we are fifteen hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time.*

What an amazing experience we were allotted during our stay in Guangzhou, from our Physician, to the caring nurses, to the beautiful and Fun-Loving patients, we had an experience that will last a lifetime. As we previously mentioned, the Stem-Cell Treatments were received without incident, and Dr. Larsen/Brian anxiously awaits his return to the practice on Monday, the twenty-first of August.

The attending Physician advised us, we could possibly begin to start seeing results and improvement in vision, from the Stem-Cell implantations in approximately Six to Nine Months from the initial implantation. We promise to keep you all up to date, as the progression occurs.

We both felt so very honored and grateful for all of your thoughtful Prayers, and Well Wishes, during our stay in Guangzhou, your kind words were conveyed to Dr. Larsen/Brian after each treatment, and they truly were a gift felt from thousands of miles away.

We would like to take this time to, Thank You all, for your emails and phone calls, as well as your continued support as we embark on the journey that has been placed before us. Finally yet importantly, we would like to applaud our amazing front and back office staff, especially Bonnie, and Carolyn for seamlessly keeping the practice running, in my absence, and in addition your countless hours conveying patient emails, and phone messages, without you two, there would be no practice. Many Thanks to both of you, and may you know that you are dearly loved and Most Appreciated.

Now for the one, the only Dr. Thomas Kusel, (way to go Doc), the patients hardly noticed my absence, Many Thanks to you and to Sue as well, for both of your dedication and Love felt by all of us, I Love You Man.

We extend our sincere thoughts of love and gratitude to all of you, and your families.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Brian & Sandy Larsen